Online Travel Agencies express interest in branded virtual tours

The time that we could entice people to book a hotel by showing breathtaking still photos are gone. Your website’s visitors are constantly looking for more immersive content prior to booking their holiday destination. We’ve been shooting virtual tours of various hotels in the Gambia and published those on Google Maps and Google Streetview recently in order to offer this high-in-demand content.

Virtual Tour of Kombo Beach Hotel (Gambia) on Tjingo

And since a few months we can create branded virtual tours. These branded virtual tours contain:

  • quick links to areas of interest in the virtual tour (e.g. “Bar”, “Pool area”, “Lobby”, “Superior room” etc.)
  • link to a page on the brand’s website (e.g. the page of a specific hotel or resort)
  • the brand’s logo in the so-called “nadir” (the point under the camera, where the tripod was located)
  • VR glasses support (“cardboard”)

An OTA (Online Travel Agency) who saw the opportunity immediately is the Netherlands-based Tjingo. They started with a branded virtual tour of one hotel: Kombo Beach Hotel, in the Gambia.

Branded Virtual Tour of Kombo Beach Hotel

The following branded virtual tour starts at the pool area. The menu in the upper left corner contains the various hot spots of the hotel (in Dutch), whereas the link in the lower right bottom leads directly to the page of the hotel listing on Tjingo’s website. And you’ll see the Tjingo logo at the floor right underneath you.