Gambian hotels & restaurants LIVE on Google Streetview

We’ve been visiting The Gambia recently, in order to shoot virtual tours of various hotels and restaurants which have been published on Google Streetview and Google Maps.

Today, these businesses allow people from all over the world to virtually walk through the venue from the comfort of their own home, 24 hours per day, 365  days per year.

The virtual tours are allowing future guests to explore the nicest places of these businesses on their desktop, tablet and smartphone.

To quickly see a few examples, you can watch this video:


Gambian hotels LIVE on Streetview

The following hotels are currently live on Google Streetview (click on their names to see the virtual tour through the hotels):

A few other hotels will be published soon.

Gambian restaurants LIVE on Streetview

We’ve also shot the virtual tours for these restaurants:

Other businesses live on Streetview

And while talking to various business owners, we have also been asked to shoot the African Queen Massage Studio.

Want a Virtual Tour for YOUR Business in The Gambia?

If you want a virtual tour for YOUR business, you’re in luck! Because we will be back in The Gambia starting from March, 28th until April, 3rd.

We already have a few bookings for this coming trip, so don’t wait too long with contacting us.