FREE Google My Business listing verification for our clients

We provide free Google My Business listing verification for our past and future clients in Africa and other parts of the world, where it is difficult to claim your Google My Business listing through the regular channels. Having your Google My Business listing verified, provides you with a lot of additional functionality / advantages: Publish […]

Google Street View for local businesses on Zanzibar

Do you have a local business on Zanzibar? Are you looking for more guests, customers or visitors! Follow the secret that made a success of the businesses in the Coastal area of The Gambia! I have been helping dozens of hotels, resorts, restaurants and other businesses in the coastal area of The Gambia to put […]

Google My Business Provider for Africa!

We are proud to announce that as of today, we have been migrated to the Google My Business Provider program. This allows us to continue verifying our clients’ Google My Business listings in Africa and other places in the world where the common means of verification are hardly possible. What is Google My Business Provider? […]

Beaches & ‘The Strip’ in Gambia on Google Street View!

Google has not yet been in The Gambia to shoot the imagery for Google Street View, although they already covered part of the neighboring country, Senegal. Therefore, we decided to shoot some imagery ourselves! Since a few months we –as as Trusted Photographers– are allowed to shoot the street imagery under certain conditions. We have […]

New businesses added in November, 2018

More and more Gambian businesses become interested in the Virtual Tours on Google Street View. During the November trip, we not only shot Virtual Tours in the hospitality industry, but also in a hardware store, two offices and a mall! Check out the virtual tours of the following businesses: Assutech Big Apple Executive Lounge DIY […]

Google My Business Trusted Verifier for Africa!

We are honored that InsideVIEW has been certified by Google as a so-called “Trusted Verifier” for Google My Business. We now belong to a handful of trusted companies worldwide, who have been given this prestigious title. We’ve chosen Africa as our continent to focus on. Reason is that in many other parts of the world […]

Djeliba Virtual Tour over half million views!

Remember I wrote that virtual tours are really being used by people on the Internet and that the amount of views was exploding? Well, that wasn’t just that moment. The views continue to explode! Last year, on October 3rd, Djeliba Hotel had 17,138 views. Now, almost 11 months later, the view count has surpassed 500,000! […]

The true VALUE of a virtual tour?

Today, I don’t want to talk about the price of a virtual tour, but about the true VALUE! The investment is moderate, but what is it going to bring you? That is the question! People really use virtual tours! As you have seen in my previous email, the future is now! That means that people […]

Ready to loose bookings? No? Read this!

The times that people looking for a hotel are booking solely based on a handful of “flat” photos and some videos are long gone! This is not to preach to our own choir, so to speak. It is a fact and it is happening now! Search on the Internet and you’ll see what is happening […]