InsideVIEW Helps Tjingo Embrace the Magic of VR Tours

Tjingo partners with InsideVIEW to bring African hotels directly to Dutch living rooms

            Amsterdam— 10/04/2017When booking a vacation, it’s easy to find a handful of flat hotel photos online. Finding a 360-degree vacation experience allowing for an in-depth view of a prospective hotel? Harder. VR—virtual reality—isn’t mainstream just yet. Nevertheless, InsideVIEW, the virtual tour company, and online travel agency Tjingo have become the first in the Netherlands to make the technology more accessible by adding several VR-capable virtual tours of Gambian hotels, restaurants, and attractions.

Several online travel agencies (OTAs) have embraced VR-capable virtual tours, but Tjingo is the first Dutch OTA to do so.

Example of Virtual Tour of Balafon Resort in the Gambia

Travelers who wish to visit the African nation of The Gambia can use an Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, or Google Cardboard device to virtually walk through a prospective hotel or restaurant. The experience is an immersive one, vastly increasing a vacationer’s chances of picking the accommodations which will make them the happiest.

Travelers without these devices may still enjoy in-depth 360 photo tours of certain Gambian hotels on Tjingo’s website, enjoying a seamless click-through photo experience. Each photo offers sharp, crystal-clear detail of everything from lobbies to suites.

Hotels and other establishments who include standard professional virtual tours can increase booking rates by up to 12%. Customers have come to expect them, and feel less fearful about spending their money when they know what to expect. Hotels such as the Balafon Resort have enjoyed over 28,000 new views directly after making the decision to include a virtual tour, both on outside sites like Tjingo and on their own website. Restaurants can benefit too—the new tour of the Poco Loco Beach Bar brought in well over 15,000 new views after their virtual tour went live.

“I expect experiencing a hotel in virtual reality will make customers even more eager to visit any vacation spot in person,” says Eduard de Boer, owner of InsideVIEW. “Hotels which don’t invest in this technology risk losing business to establishments which do.”

De Boer stresses virtual tour photos require a special series of panoramic photos taken by a professional photographer. “You can’t just snap a bunch of photos if you want it to look professional and enticing. Especially if you’re trying to develop your virtual tour into something VR-compatible. The photos have to match up precisely to deliver that illusion that someone is literally walking the property.”

Hotels, restaurants, and other attractions can contact InsideVIEW to schedule their professional virtual tour photoshoot.

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