Explosion of Gambian virtual tours’ view counts

Earlier this year, we have shot virtual tours of hotels and restaurants in the Gambia and published those on Google Streetview. These virtual tours had been visited a few thousand times until three weeks ago.

Shooting virtual tour at Poco Loco Beach Bar

Where for example the virtual tour of Leo’s Beach Hotel & Restaurant had 3,457 views on September 15th, it now is the most viewed location in The Gambia, with 28,644 views! The number of views increased by 729% in only 18 days!


September, 15th


October, 3rd


What about Balafon Resort’s virtual tour? It had 7,431 views on September 15th and it today (October, 3rd) shows a whopping 27,052 views! An increase of 260% in the same period!


September, 15th


October, 3rd


It proves that the season is starting now and people are really using the virtual tours to view and compare their holiday destinations.

See the following view counts of today (October, 3rd) of the virtual tours of various wellknown locations. These counts are cumulative since March this year:

Location* #Views
Leo’s Beach Hotel & Restaurant 28,644
Kombo Beach Hotel 28,115
Balafon Resort 27,052
Djeliba Hotel 17,138
Poco Loco Beach Bar 15,208
African Queen Massage Studio 14,311
Djembe Beach Hotel 13,549
Bakotu Hotel 12,423
Sarges Hotel 6,279
Tao Restaurant 5,236
Tejo’s Pannenkoekenbar 3,570
Gaya Art Cafe 2,910

*Click on a link to view the actual virtual tour

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