The true VALUE of a virtual tour?

Today, I don’t want to talk about the price of a virtual tour, but about the true VALUE! The investment is moderate, but what is it going to bring you? That is the question!

People really use virtual tours!

As you have seen in my previous email, the future is now! That means that people are really searching for, and looking at virtual tours.

They almost “demand” them, when checking out potential holiday destinations, such as YOUR business.

Yes, people almost demand them. Remember I told you last week that the virtual tour of Balafon Resort had been viewed 27,052 times?

Well, today, one week later, the view count for Balafon is 33,828 an INCREASE OF MORE THAN 25% in ONE WEEK!

Kombo Beach Hotel is the leader of the pack of last week: their virtual tour’s view count increased from 28,115 to 46,464: more than 65% INCREASE IN ONE WEEK!

Kombo Beach View Coounts

The increase in view counts emphasizes the need for virtual tours in the tourism industry.

Priced for the local market

A virtual tour does not come for free, that is a fact. But the good thing is that the virtual tours we offer to local businesses are priced for the local market. Prices in Europe are much higher!

True value: MORE new guests… CONSTANTLY!

Now with 18,309 views of the virtual tour of Kombo Beach Hotel in one week, do you think it’s safe and realistic to estimate that the hotel got at least ONE more booking thanks to the virtual tour?

Or maybe TWO more bookings than on average? I guess so!

Now, if that would happen every week of the season… Imagine the true value of a virtual tour… Offset that against the one time investment and the simple math will convince you.

The virtual tour works for you not only when it is published…

Not for a week…

Not for a month…

Not even for a season, but…

Unlike most marketing tools, hotel virtual tours continue to earn you revenue until you decided to refurbish!!