What is Google Streetview Trusted?

Google Streetview Trusted is a 360-degree, panoramic virtual tour of your entire establishment. It allows customers to look inside your establishment from anywhere in the world.

Potential guests can see how pretty and comfortable your beds look. They can see the atmosphere in your restaurant or bar. They can picture themselves swimming in your pool, rocking out on your dance floor, or enjoying any of your amenities.

Humans are visual creatures, and we don’t like uncertainty, especially when we travel to another country. By providing a Google Streetview virtual tour you replace uncertainty with excitement.



Hi there, I’m Eduard. Please allow me to explain what that means: Google Streetview Trusted.

Google started his program under the name "Google Business Photos" in April 2010 in 30 cities throughout the United States, Australia and Japan. I got involved in April 2013.

What it means is that Google brings the well known Streetview experience inside businesses to give potential visitors clients, guests or patients the best experience of this particular business.

They can virtually walk through it. It allows us as photographers to take the visitor from the street through the reception of a hotel for example into various highlights of the business: maybe the pool area, restaurant or kitchen, the midget golf area, sports area, recreation area or whatever.

And take them through it and also maybe along the "walk" visit two or three different rooms of a hotel for example.

Using this technology we give the best experience to potential guests, clients or whatever.

In the past -as I said- it was started as a "Google Business Photos" (GBP). After a while it has been renamed into "Google Business View". It has been named "Google Streetview  Inside".

But nowadays it is called "Google Streetview Trusted". This name has been chosen because we are being considered trusted photographers, trusted by Google, because we are able to publish these photos onto Google Streetview and connect the business to Google Streetview wherever possible.

Watch the video "What is Google Streetview Trusted?" on YouTube.

What makes a Streetview Tour superior to a video tour?

First, Google My Business no longer displays videos directly on the listing. This may change (Google changes how they do things all the time), but as of right now a video simply won’t do you as much good with this part of your marketing.

Second, Google Streetview Trusted virtual tours put the power in the hands of your potential customers. Customers who are watching a video are forced to passively take a journey along with the cameraperson.

In a Streetview "See Inside" tour they get to control everything. They maintain their free will as they travel forward, backwards, left, or right. They can get a closer look at your jacuzzi tub if that’s what really interests them, or view the bed from every angle.

This sense of control offers real, powerful, psychological effects. It gives customers ownership over the process, offering a sense of emotional investment. This sense of investment often leads them to pick up the phone and make the reservation or immediately booking online, instead of clicking on to see what else is out there.

Why can’t I just take these photos myself?

The process is far more precise than most people imagine. First, there’s the equipment involved for making professional and appealing virtual tours —a DSLR camera with a fish eye lens.

The photographer must then identify the optimal “panoramic points.” These photo shoots take in all those points while shooting photos in every cardinal direction…12 photos per point. These photos must be precise in angle and location because they will later be overlapped and stitched together to create the perfect 360-degree view.

Fail to match these points correctly and the stitching simply can’t be done, resulting in a warped tour Google will not display.

Second, there’s the matter of certification. Google-certified Streetview Trusted photographers are the only ones with the ability to upload these tours. They must be uploaded precisely to allow the “stitching” process to happen. Google requires certification credentials to make the “See Inside” button show up, which means even if you could upload photos yourself you nevertheless could not make them accessible to customers.

Few small business owners have the time or inclination to learn these techniques, or to go through the tedious process of becoming certified.

What makes InsideVIEW different from similar services?

Many certified photographers are just that—photographers. But InsideVIEW is run by a local SEO expert who has helped hundreds of clients increase their visibility and sales on Google My Business throughout the world.

This understanding helps Eduard maximize the benefit you will receive from each photo. It also ensures he won’t break your business listing while he’s in there taking care of the upload.

That’s an important consideration, as Google My Business is an extremely finicky program.

Where does Inside View do business?

The home office is in the Netherlands, but InsideVIEW currently serves customers across Europe and in Africa.

Check our blog to see where we’ll be next… or call to arrange a special session. Our goal is to showcase local businesses all over the world.

Can I apply for a reshoot of my business for Google Streetview Trusted?



It happens that a business has been totally remodelled or has been taken over by a new business owner who changed a lot so that the street view trusted or inside virtual tour is not representative any more for the business.

Often I the get the question: "Can you reshoot my business?". Yes, I can. The thing is that of course the old virtual tour will disappear from Google.

Actually Google will keep a backup and it will be accessible as long as you have the URL, but in general it will be lost and a new virtual tour will come in it's place.

So "Yes, I can do a reshoot" and yes it will be published without any problem.

My street is not on Google Streetview. Can you shoot and publish it on Google Streetview?



Google Streetview began in 2007 and since that time Google has been shooting the streets in many, many countries. I know I read somewhere that they have covered over 5 million maybe it's already 10 million kilometres of roads.

Though, it can still happen that a particular road the road that your business is located on, has not been shot by Google and it's not available on Google Streetview.

So sometimes business owners ask me: "My street is not on Google Streetview can you shoot and publish my street?".

The answer is: "No", well technically I could but I’m not allowed by Google. So I will not be shooting the street.

What I will do instead is I will take a little bit of further distance from the front of your business so at least we have a good front shot of your business just which will be published on Google maps and Google street view but not really on the Google Streetview street.

So I can't connect your business to the street, if the Google Streetview car has not been there.

Watch "My street is not on Google Streetview. Can you shoot and publish it on Google Streetview?" on YouTube.