Which areas of my business will be photographed for a virtual tour?

Which areas of my business will be photographed for a virtual tour?


Whenever I’m discussing and planning a photoshoot for a virtual tour with the business owner, they ask me: “Which areas will you be taking photos in?”

My answer normally is: “All the ones, all the areas you want me to shoot”.

Because my goal is to present your business at its’ best, so people come down to your business to your restaurant, to your hotel, to your resort, to your cafe or whatever and either book a room or a stay at your place and order something.

But I can also imagine that there are some areas you don’t want me to take photos. For example the restrooms or bathrooms. And in a restaurant I can imagine that  some owners want me to take photos in the kitchen and some don’t.

In general, I recommend that for example for a hotel or resort I start at the street. walk into the reception… Maybe if there is some kind of waiting area I shoot it as well… If there is a bar I shoot the bar, I take photos at the recreation room or arcade, a midgetgolf area, sports area pool area, restaurants.

If you have got multiple restaurants I take photos in multiple restaurants.

But we should always try to avoid the risk that people get lost when they are using the virtual tour.

Because imagine in a virtual tour you can only go forward, backward, left and right and look around. But if I will be shooting all the walking paths in a huge resort you can imagine that for people it’s easy to get lost.

Together with the business owner I choose to best route through your business, so we cover all the highlights and present the business at its’ best obviously and avoid the risk of people getting lost.

Along the way we try to shoot like two or three, four different types of rooms or houses that you have for renting if you are talking about resort. All, again, to present your business at its’ best to make sure that people using the virtual tour will come down to your business and not to your competitors’!

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