Where does Inside View do business?

The home office is in the Netherlands, but Inside View currently serves customers across Europe and in Africa.

Check our blog to see where we’ll be next… or call to arrange a special session. Our goal is to showcase local businesses all over the world.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is the listing which appears on Google’s geo-dependent search results. Many customers never make it farther than your Google My Business listing. They call directly from these results instead of visiting the website.

It’s important to do everything you can to make this listing as interactive and interesting as possible. Often, it does the work of selling the customer—or losing the customer—for you.

In addition, listings which include the Google Streetview Virtual Tour night get a slight ranking boost in the search results, which can help them appear before competitor listings do.

What makes a Streetview Tour superior to a video tour?

First, Google My Business no longer displays videos directly on the listing. This may change (Google changes how they do things all the time), but as of right now a video simply won’t do you as much good with this part of your marketing.

Second, Google Streetview Trusted virtual tours put the power in the hands of your potential customers. Customers who are watching a video are forced to passively take a journey along with the cameraperson.

In a Streetview "See Inside" tour they get to control everything. They maintain their free will as they travel forward, backwards, left, or right. They can get a closer look at your jacuzzi tub if that’s what really interests them, or view the bed from every angle.

This sense of control offers real, powerful, psychological effects. It gives customers ownership over the process, offering a sense of emotional investment. This sense of investment often leads them to pick up the phone and make the reservation or immediately booking online, instead of clicking on to see what else is out there.